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Founded by a wife and husband partnership, as our styling journey developed over a decade of designing, renovating, constructing and styling multiple homes and business spaces together, we grew to understand and appreciate just how much adding the right, unique pieces into your home or work space can impact the feeling of belonging and individuality that makes that space feel like your own.

The Zinnia Edit was born from our love of interior design and driven by the happiness that sharing this passion has brought to our lives and those around us. 

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The Story
of The Zinnia Edit

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The Zinnia Edit is committed to being a platform where those with a shared passion for or interest in interior design can come to seek inspiration and guidance, and source the pieces that make a house feel like a home and create the vibe that you desire for any space.

We are passionate about minimising our carbon foot print throughout all facets of our operation. A commitment that we will continue to adapt our business to by sourcing products and packaging with lower embodied energy and utilising renewable and recyclable materials wherever possible.



The Story Behind Our Business

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